Seeing Double

March 25, 2014
One screen is never enough, and eight out of 10 people agree that sometimes there is something more to be seen while watching tv. here are the stats to explain the “who,” “how,” “why,” and “what” of our second screen experiences. we already know the answer to “when.”     Sources for all charts: CEA, NATPE, Second Screen—Creative Opportunity or Technological Imposition? and Follow the Eyes—The Second Screen and the Future of TV Viewing Related: Market Beat, The Rise of TV's Second Screen

The Rise of TV’s Second Screen

March 25, 2014
Are two screens better than one? The future of TV may indeed involve more than one big screen. Watching TV with a companion device—or second screen—has been quietly gaining momentum. Perhaps born out of the habit of keeping our smartphones or tablets as close companions, about four in 10 U.S. adults today use a second screen device while watching TV or to access program content when a show is not airing. So what types of content are second screen users accessing? And most importantly, what opportunities exist for the CE and television production industries? New reports from CEA and the National Association...

Hollywood Studios Implement New DIGITAL HD Branding

February 27, 2014
DEG, The Digital Entertainment Group, the home entertainment industry’s leading trade association, has adopted new branding—DIGITAL HD and DIGITAL—to refer to digital versions of filmed entertainment and television content across all consumer communication. This positioning enhances the value of digital home entertainment offerings and brings consistency to the way digital products are marketed to consumers. "We believe this terminology will help [consumers] understand that they are getting an exciting, versatile product that heightens their home entertainment experience.” ...

Tech M&A: Looking to 2014

February 26, 2014
M&A activity in the consumer electronics (CE) industry continued to thrive in the second half of 2013, with several notable transactions announced later in the year. In our mid-year review, we highlighted the lack of private equity transactions in the CE space and pondered the implications of an equally slow second half of 2013. We are relieved to report that after a quiet first half, private equity investors and venture capitalists poured more than $1 billion into CE companies. The Carlyle Group’s $500 million investment for a minority stake in Beats Electronics was the largest transaction in the ...

Fall in Love with Tech this Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2014
At the 2014 International CES® last month, we saw innovations revolutionizing the way we live, work and play. Heart-shaped desserts aside, why not have your Valentine feast their eyes on the gift of tech this year? With huge advancements in technology in recent years, holiday purchase patterns show that consumers are increasingly interested in giving and receiving consumer electronics (CE) as presents. For example, according to CEA’s 20th Annual CE Holiday Purchase Patterns Study released last fall, 74 percent of consumers planning to purchase gifts during the 2013 holiday season intended to buy CE as gifts, allocating 33 percent of their overall holiday gift...

Explore the Future of Health Care

February 11, 2014
Digital health technology is changing the health care landscape. Five years ago no one would have predicted that there would be a prominent place in the consumer electronics (CE) market for digital health. This year, your doctor may prescribe an app instead of an aspirin or a wrist band instead of a stress test. The Perfect Storm Digital health is a broad term used to talk about everything from gadgets that track body inputs and outputs, to digital medical health records, to a telemedicine remote doctor’s appointment, to electronic health publishing to robotic surgery. It encompasses the Clever Cap, a smart...

Omnichannel Marketing

February 10, 2014
We often think of innovation as the invention of new devices, services and apps that make life better but it also impacts how we sell consumer technology. And thanks to technology, CE retailers are deploying innovative marketing strategies in ways previously unimagined. Technology retailing today is a synthesis of bricks, clicks and apps distilled into an omnichannel approach. But why is this happening? Today’s mobile, connected consumer leads an on-the-go, always-on existence. When it comes to shopping behavior, convenience is crucial. CEA research shows CE shoppers use different retail channels for shopping activities, but...

Stats and Facts: Multi-Channel Retail Alignment

February 10, 2014
Consumers today use multiple channels to shop. Tech retailing now is a synthesis of bricks, clicks and apps distilled into an omnichannel approach. By aligning different channels, companies can deliver what CEA ’s research shows consumers want: a better link between the online experience and the physical store.   Market Background Total Factory Sales of Consumer Electronics (billions)     Satisfaction Customers are satisfied with their in-store and standard website experiences, while mobile falls short. The physical store excels at providing ...

The Parade of Producers

February 04, 2014
In a transformative moment in Mel Brooks’ musical The Producers, accountant Leo Bloom warbles: I wanna be a producer, wear a tux on op’ning nights! I wanna be a producer, and see my name [up there] in lights!   In real (also reel and digital) life, everyone is in show biz. Just look at the deluge of original content from all kinds of producers. From Sony, Samsung and Microsoft, to Ford, Infiniti and Chrysler, to Walmart, Sears, Amazon, Netflix and DirecTV: everyone is now a producer. The chorus line of impresarios brings the most vital show biz credential: money...
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