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CEA-762-B (ANSI)

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DTV Remodulator Specification
Document Number:
CEA-762-B (ANSI)
This standard defines minimum specifications for a one-way data path utilizing an 8-VSB trellis remodulator in compliance with ATSC A/53, Part 2:2007, ATSC Digital Television Standard Part 2 - RF/Transmission System Characteristics. This standard applies to any type of device used to connect to an ATSC compliant digital television (DTV) receiver. Devices meeting this standard should interoperate with any ATSC compliant receiver that also supports "monitor mode." For information about "monitor mode," refer to CEA-CEB5-B, Recommended Practice for DTV Receiver "Monitor" Mode Capability. This standard addresses both required RF output specifications for a DTV remodulator and recommendations concerning input to the remodulator.
Committe Name:
R4.8 DTV Interface Subcommittee
Publication Date:
July 01, 2009
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DTV, closed captioning, DTV closed captioning, 608-D, SMPTE EG-43, caption mode, line 21 data, decoders, transmission, reception, embedded, vertical, blanking, interval, FCC, encoding, encoder, decoding, waveform, CEA, remodulator, RF, monitor mode.


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