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R4.8 DTV Interface Subcommittee

CEA-CEB5-B R-2012
Recommended Practice for DTV Receiver "Monitor" Mode Capability

CEA-679-C R-2013
National Renewable Security Standard (NRSS)

CEA-761-B R-2012
DTV Remodulator Specification with Enhanced OSD Capability

CEA-762-B (ANSI)
DTV Remodulator Specification

CEA-770.2-D R-2012
Standard Definition TV Analog Component Video Interface

High Definition TV Analog Component Video Interface

CEA-775-C R-2013 (ANSI)
DTV 1394 Interface Specification

CEA-775.2-A R-2013 (ANSI)
Service Selection Information for Digital Storage Media Interoperability

CEA-796-A R-2012
NRSS Copy Protection Systems

CEA-799-A R-2012
On-Screen Display Specification

CEA-805-E (ANSI)
Data Services on the Component Video Interfaces

Amendment to Data Services on the Component Video Interfaces

CEA-818-E [Withdrawn]
Cable Compatibility Requirements

CEA-849-B R-2013 (ANSI)
Application Profiles for CEA-775 Compliant DTVs

CEA-861-F (ANSI)
A DTV Profile for Uncompressed High Speed Digital Interfaces

Audio Format Extensions

CEA-2040 (ANSI)
SD Card Common Interface Standard

HDR Static Metadata Extensions

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