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Mobile Electronics Loudspeaker, CEA-2031

    Program Description

    This logo indicates that a car loudspeaker has been tested to CEA-2031, Testing and Measurement Methods for Mobile Loudspeaker Systems. The standard requires that the manufacturers report: primary power output in watts, cut-out diameter, mounting depth, impedance and maxium rms power output in watts, total harmonic distortion (THD) plus noise and signal to noise ratio. 

    It's partner mark, the CEA-2006-B Mobile Amplifier Power logo, indicates that a car amplifier has been tested in accordance with CEA-2006-B Mobile Amplifer Power. CEA-2006-B defines test procedures for rating the performance of mobile amplifiers and requirements for reporting the performance. 

    When consumers use the information found with both logos, they will be able to select mobile loudspeakers with power handling capabilities that are appropriate for the power output characteristics of their mobile amplifiers.


Participation Steps

Email CEA's product mark administrator at and specify what logo you are interested in obtaining.

CEA's administrator will email a PDF version of the agreement with directions on how to fill it out and return it properly.

Acquire the latest revision of CEA-2031 and rate products in accordance with the standard and the license terms.

Pay administration fee of $1,000 per company per calendar year or part thereof.

If relevant, provide CEA an annual list of models bearing the logo.


Alpine Electronics of America Inc.
Clarion Co. Ltd.
DB Research LLP
JVC/Kenwood USA
Rockford Corp.
Rockville LLC
Scosche Industries

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