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Product Marks

CEA supports a number of programs for the industry that use product marks to convey useful information to consumers. These product marks help to facilitate connectivity, identify products that meet certain performance levels, or enable consumer comparison shopping. Often the marks are based on CEA standards or definitions and generally they rely on verification by the licensee. Product marks are usually registered by CEA and licensed to participants with an associated administration fee.
  • Amplifier Power for Mobile Electronics, CEA-2006-B A widely adopted product mark used by manufacturers on products and gift boxes for integrated and separate car audio amplifiers. The mark indicates that the ratings shown are compliant with CEA-2006-B and can be used by consumers for better comparison shopping.
  • Portable Digital Media Interface, CEA-2017 A product mark that is used to define electrical and mechanical properties for a connector that will pass audio, video and associated metadata signals, and power between portable electronic devices and in-home and in-vehicle audio/video systems.
  • Mobile Electronics Loudspeaker, CEA-2031 This mark indicates that a car loudspeaker has been tested to CEA-2031. The mark requires that manufacturers report primary power output in watts, cut-out diameter, mounting dept, impedance and maximum rms power output in watts, total harmonic distortion (THD) plus noise and signal to noise ratio.
  • DTV Product Marks A family of marks used with digital television products that conveys to the consumer basic capabilities related to display scanning or output format and presence of ATSC digital tuning/decoding circuitry.
  • Public Alert, CEA-2009-B A product mark used to identify radio receivers capable of automatically activating and alerting consumers when emergency messages are broadcast by the National Weather Service. This mark indicates that products are compliant with CEA-2009.
  • Television Antenna Marks, CEA-2028, CEA-2032 A pair of product marks for TV antennas. One is used to identify outdoor antennas that comply the CEA-2028 standard, and to indicate what level of performance the antenna provides. The other is used to identify indoor TV antennas that comply with the CEA-2032 standard.

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