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Economic Analysis

Even after you've launched an amazing product, success continues to be impacted by the underpinnings of the economy. Issues ranging from rising gas prices to employment growth rates affect the health of your company.

CEA's economist works to help the CE industry understand the big picture issues that play into your bottom line. More importantly, CEA offers suggestions for how to develop your business plan around them. We address questions such as:

  • Are consumers positioned to buy new products, or is America in a conservative spending period?
  • How will the health of the consumer affect my business?
  • How are changes in everyday expenses and employment affecting consumer sentiment?
  • How healthy are the manufacturing and distribution communities that create and carry my product?
  • What do import and export trends mean for my company?
  • How optimistic is the consumer and where are they taking their buying power next?

We provide valuable insights into the current economic trends impacting your business through:

CEA's Economist Shawn DuBravac welcomes your thoughts and concerns on how the economy is impacting your business. You can reach Shawn DuBravac at or 703-907-4305.

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