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News and Speaking Engagements

CEA is the authoritative source for consumer technology market research. You can read some of our latest findings on our News Releases page. 

In addition, our team of researchers and economists will be speaking at the following events:

Shawn DuBravac: 2015 CES Trends to Watch, CES Unveiled, Las Vegas, NV: January 4, 2015.
Steve Koenig: State of the Global CE Industry, CES Unveiled, Las Vegas, NV: January 4, 2015
Various CEA & industry analysts; Research Summit, CES 2015, Las Vegas, NV: January 5 & 7, 2015.
Shawn DuBravac: Industry Strategy Symposium, Half Moon Bay, CA: January 11-15, 2015.
Steve Koenig: See It Here! The Best of CES 2015. NATPE Conference, Miami, FL: January 20, 2015.
Shawn DuBravac: Post Holiday Economic Outlook, Webinar: January 20, 2015.