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TechHome Rating System (THRS)

The TechHome Rating System (THRS) is a powerful new nationally-recognized build-to specification developed by CEA's TechHome Division that helps you more easily design, build and market tech-ready homes by providing nationwide guidelines for residential technology infrastructure. A TechHome Rating will help you further enhance the value of the home you offer to consumers, while removing the complexity, difficulties and frustrations builders have experienced in the past when adding home technology to their offerings.



The TechHome Rating System defines the level and capabilities of the structured wiring installed in a given home. The right structured wiring infrastructure carries telephony, data, audio, video and more throughout a house. Depending on the amount and the nature of the structured wiring installed, a home can achieve one of three levels:

  Bronze THRS rating denotes that the home is properly wired to enable the distribution of TV and video, networking and communications in standard living spaces, including the kitchen, the bedroom and the family room/multimedia room.
  Gold THRS provides all of the capabilities of a Bronze home, adds multi-room audio distribution and systems control capabilities, and services a greater number of defined living spaces, including the master bedroom, outdoor areas and the dining room.
  Platinum THRS Rating is the highest designation of a technology-ready home. A Platinum-rated home provides all of the capabilities of a Gold home, and incorporates additional structured wiring to achieve full functionality in eight or more living spaces throughout the property, including the home office. Platinum provides for complete integration throughout the home for multi-room audio and video, control, security and communications. A Platinum THRS home is equipped to deliver the ultimate digital experience for the homeowner.

Download full structured wiring guidelines for each level at no cost.

Download TechHome Rating System Builder Brochure, The Installer Brochure, or The Consumer Brochure to learn how to use the TechHome Rating System. CEA Members have access to webinar CEA's TechHome Rating System: Creating New Business Opportunities

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