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TechHome Rating System Levels

Which TechHome Rating Level Is Right for Me?

A TechHome-rated infrastructure in the home is only as useful to the homeowner as the products, data and applications that attach to it.

Consider this analogy: A network of superhighways is only useful if there are vehicles to drive on them, and if the exits actually connect to places of interest. The same applies to your TechHome-rated home. In your home, that "network of superhighways" is your wiring infrastructure. The "vehicles" are packets of data, audio and video. And the "exits" are the electronics products that receive those packets of entertainment and information.

Another similarity lies in the amount of traffic that your TechHome infrastructure can handle. Some highways have two lanes each way; others three; others more, with some lanes dedicated to high-occupancy vehicles or trucks. The amount of traffic the system can handle depends on how the network of superhighways was built.

Likewise, your home's digital network capabilities will depend on how robust your technology infrastructure is. But how much infrastructure is too much, and how little is too little? That's where the three TechHome Rating System (THRS) levels -- bronze, gold and platinum -- come into play. They remove the complexity from structured wiring and instead focus on what you can do and what you can enjoy at each level.

At Bronze, the basic THRS level, in addition to a home theater/media room, the pre-wiring requirement covers the kitchen, master bedroom and other bedrooms; and allows you to choose among several applications:

  • Local viewing of HDTV and video
  • A multi-room video distribution system with infrared (IR), serial data port, or ethernet control for a local video display, local set-top box (STB), local DVD and receiver
  • Digital video
  • Internet access and data networking
  • Telephone communications 
  • Home control
With TechHome Gold, you get pre-wiring for networking and communications along with video and TV distribution to the standard rooms covered under Bronze. Additionally, you gain multi-room audio distribution and control, as well as pre-wiring to additional rooms like the master bathroom, the dining room and even outdoor areas of your property.

Platinum is the ultimate THRS level. You get all of the application capabilities and full functionality of a Gold home in eight or more living spaces inside or outside your home, including a home office.

Once you determine your desired TechHome Rating level, your trusted TechHome Electronic Systems Contractor (ESC) will install the wiring and then connect and integrate the audio, video and networking equipment that will be used. The best part is that you'll know what you want out of your TechHome and your custom installer will make certain your equipment is installed properly, interconnected for interoperability and performing to its maximum potential, in order to provide you with years of enjoyment.

Consider just a few of the possibilities that a THRS home can provide:
  • Imagine all of your music, movies and photos stored in a centralized location, accessible from any pre-wired room in your home. You can now watch video and listen to audio wherever and whenever you'd like throughout your home.
  • Different family members can use the multi-room system to select from various streams of music in different rooms, all at the same time. Watch movies in one room, a TV show in another, and admire photos from your last vacation in the family room.
  • Monitor security cameras on your TV or another screen.
  • Adjust temperature, lighting, audio and video all through the same easy-to-use controller.
  • Integrate your internet-based entertainment with your locally-based entertainment.
  • Make your outdoor areas a true, seamless extension of your indoor areas in terms of entertainment and productivity.