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Multi-Room Audio and Video

Here are some key features and benefits of a multi-room audio/video solution:

Distributed Content
Listen to your music throughout the house or just in one room. Watch TV, movies or view your photos on any screen in the house.

● Eliminates clutter in each room
● Allows you to enjoy content anywhere in your home
● Reduces costs by requiring fewer components and subscriptions

Independent Zones
Play the classical station in the bedroom, the kids’ MP3s in the playroom and a movie in the family room.

● Creates multiple entertainment spaces
● Offers the option to play the same music throughout your home (“party mode”)
● Sets the mood by tailoring music and volume to each zone

Multi-Room Control
Adjust the volume, change the channel or switch sources using in-room keypads or remote controls.

● Gives you full control of features from any room
● Powers “all on” or “all off” with a single keypress
● Provides easy access to music, movies, TV and digital media from any room
● Some systems display song title, artist and cover art in every room

Custom Integration
Multi-room systems deliver your entertainment experience from behind the scenes.

● Fits any size home or budget
● Installs seamlessly into the home
● Provides a custom look and feel
● Fully expandable; add features or zones as needed
● Perfect for new home construction, remodels or retrofits

Start Planning
Now let’s start mapping out your multi-room audio video system and explore your next steps.

Step 1
Consider some basic questions you’ll want to discuss with your TechHome integrator, builder or contractor:

In which rooms or areas of your home would you like to listen to music, watch TV or entertain?

● Kitchen
● Living/family room
● Dining room
● Laundry room
● Basement/rec room
● Master bedroom
● Master bath
● Kids/guests rooms
● Garage
● Deck
● Patio
● Pool
● Others

Which source components do you want included in the multi-room audio video system?

● Smartphone, MP3 player or other portable device
● CD player/changer
● Digital music server or PC
● Satellite radio
● Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
● DVD player
● Blu-ray disc player
● Home theater PC
● Media player
● AM/FM radio
● Others

Which other comfort, convenience and/or security features would you like integrated?

● Security system
● Child monitoring
● Intercom
● Temperature (HVAC) control
● Indoor/outdoor lighting control
● Digital Health Technologies
● Others

Step 2
Talk to friends or neighbors with multi-room audio video solutions to see which features they like the most and which features they wish they had. Which rooms and components did they include?

Step 3
If you are currently working with a builder or remodeling contractor, find out what integrated technology options they offer. Specifically ask them if they have a technology partner or provider.

Step 4
Contact a professional Tech Home installer near you.

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