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Lighting Control: Puts You in Charge and Saves on Energy

By now you've no doubt heard the most common home energy conservation tips: turn down the heat, switch to compact fluorescent or LED bulbs, and unplug chargers when not in use. But you may not have heard of another low-cost tip for saving energy: installing lighting control products. Not only do lighting control products save energy, they add luxury, convenience and safety as well. , With solutions ranging from inexpensive dimmers to whole-house automation, finally there are a no-compromise ways to conserve energy and live green.

Consider this: a light bulb dimmed by just ten percent - an imperceptible amount in most rooms - will use ten percent less energy than one burning at full intensity. Regularly dimming lights in rooms with multiple high-wattage light fixtures, like kitchens, can make a very noticeable dent in your energy consumption. Dimming lights also offers a side benefit of extending the life of your bulbs, which contributes to less overall waste.

Not only are lighting control products good for your wallet and the environment, they also help you create the mood and ambiance in your living spaces. Dimmers with memory let you preset various lighting conditions based upon how you live. In the kitchen you can set lights bright for cooking and cleaning, medium intensity for eating and entertaining, and dim for when you want to enjoy a midnight snack.

Take a look at some of the do-it-yourself lighting control solutions:

The most basic lighting control solutions, dimmers replace the existing wall switch and allow you to tailor the light level as you wish. For multi-purpose areas, like kitchens or family rooms, consider a multi-scene dimmer with preset memory buttons

Multi-Location Dimmers
Perfect for hallways and entryways, multi-location dimmers allow you to adjust the lighting from multiple entry points.

Wireless Solutions
Wireless systems allow you to control multiple rooms or even your entire house without retrofitting any new wires.

Remote Control
Remote controlled lighting control allows you to turn on and off lights from anywhere in the house, or select preset lighting scenes right from the remote. You can even light a path from your car as you pull in the driveway.

Occupancy Sensor
Occupancy sensors are perfect for closets, walk-in pantries, laundry rooms or other places where you only need light when someone is physically in the room. They're very convenient when you have your hands full and can't reach for the switch.

Daylight Sensor
Daylight sensors can adjust the amount of lighting - both the number of lights turned on and the intensity of the lights - based on the amount of sunlight in the room.

The above solutions are available from consumer electronics, home improvement and lighting specialty retailers. Of course, there are other, more ambitious whole-house automation options available to you as well. The ultimate in lighting and convenience control, home automation systems grant you access of many of your home's systems from central keypads or even remotely via the Internet. You'll have the ultimate in programming flexibility, convenience and security features, as well as the ability to integrate just about any home automation or entertainment features for a truly custom solution. To learn more about these solutions, contact a Tech Home installer.

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