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Advanced Home Automation

Integrating your lifestyle with technology

An advanced automation system, the kind that custom installation professionals design, is built not around specific technologies or products, but rather it’s design around the kind of experience you want out of your Tech Home. How all the components are tethered together and communicate is often less important than how they integrate into your lifestyle.

An advanced system usually begins not with a shopping trip to an electronics store, but with a consultation with a system integrator or designer. In most cases this will also include at least one home visit prior to installation. These steps are critical in order to help determine your needs. Advanced systems are not one-size-fits-all.

Usually a customized system will include a central control processor, or multiple controllers, located somewhere in the house as the nerve center.  Into that nerve center will feed all the other connected components, such as a distributed audio and video system, digital video recorders, security cameras, lighting and shade control, heating and air conditioning. A structured wiring infrastructure will ensure all your components and controller maintain strong, secure connections.

Feeding back out of that central controller will be the control interfaces that get placed or installed around the house. These can be in-wall touch panels, keypads or tabletop remotes. Some systems can even be controlled with smart phones that run customizable applications.

Depending on the system, additional components such as media players and audio amplifiers can either be centralized in the house or located in the areas they’ll be used.

The key to a successful control system is the interface - it must be easy for the homeowner to use or it’s useless. TechHome designers put a lot of effort into the software design of the system to make sure it fits the user’s lifestyle. On very complex projects, the programming can be the biggest part of the job. Systems like that require professional installation.