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Work at CEA

Be a part of the digital revolution!

The consumer electronics marketplace is a $223 billion industry that includes innovative products such as wireless phones, digital television and handheld computers. As technology advances, we at CEA work every day to expand this ever-changing industry. New CE products change lifestyles and workstyles, and we help integrate the digital future into people's lives.

Advancing the Consumer Technology Industry

At CEA, we:  

  • Educate consumers about the wonders and possibilities of CE products and technologies
  • Create a favorable public policy environment for technology and the technology industry
  • Produce the International CES, the largest consumer technology show in the world
  • Track and promote emerging technologies
  • Identify and interpret sales data and purchase patterns around the world
  • Conduct insightful and essential consumer and market research studies
  • Develop standards that make it easier to introduce new technologies
  • Connect manufacturers, retailers, consumers and other key audiences
  • Shape the future of technology